Jim Wayne-Ashland

In May of 2014 I saw Dr. Knoblich for a left knee injury during a sporting event. Having had extensive lower back surgery in 2013 I dropped off all the surgical & imaging reports prior  to my initial office visit. When I met with Dr. Knoblich I was  overly impressed that he had thoroughly reviewed all documents before entering the exam room. After assessing my knee, along with X-rays, his diagnosis was patellar tendonitis. With a prescription for physical therapy & a follow-up MRI of my knee I was back playing sports without further injury. On August 2, 2016 I again saw Dr. Knoblich for another sports related injury to my hip. The first questions he asked me:  how is your back, knee, and your sporting events. Upon examining my hip (including X-rays for fracture) his diagnosis was trochanteric bursitis. I  received an injection of cortisone and a prescription for physical therapy. I have found Dr. Knoblich to be very knowledgeable, thorough, and precise in treatment.  I  would highly recommend him to all competitors of all ages.

Karen S.

Both Doctors Morrison and Townsend are wonderful and they have treated my shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle and knees over the years :)... concerning my knees, Dr. Townsend changed my life, not just with the repair, but with his kindness. I highly, highly, recommend this office and these doctors... you will be putting yourself in the best possible position to have your physical needs properly cared for and respected. Thank you to both docs.

Maren F.

I saw Dr. O'Sullivan today...and wow! I really like this guy! He spoke in terms I could understand and was very visual in showing me the problems I have with my back! I knew he would be good, but I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and informative he was. Thank you Dr. O'Sullivan!! Just by talking with you about my options, I feel so reassured and alot more comfortable about the road ahead!!

Brittany S.

Dr. O'Sullivan saved my life, literally. If it weren't for him I honestly don't know what I would do. I had so many terrible experiences with doctors in this area, due to unfair judgement of certain troubles I was facing in my life at the time, as well as treating me differently because, financially, I was unable to afford the medical insurance, and stature I once held- having to now, rely on OHP, and although extremely appreciative for coverage at all, I definitely saw two different types of treatment and care given by doctors, based on my "lower income bracket health insurance stereotype"! I was never able to fully explain medical issues I was having, (which I do have quite severely), pain was never managed, and the overall treatment and care just wasn't there, along with constantly feeling judged and basically just not cared for; not only as a patient in dire need, but as a human being as well. All the while, practically suffering through my ongoing /progressivly worsening health issues, and immense debilitating pain! I truly became a recluse (for lack of a better word), and my social life- that of a 22yr old female, came to a screeching halt. After so many useless appt.'s/struggles, and draining trials and tribulations, both emotionally AND physically, just trying to find a good, trustworthy caring doctor, all the while the quality of own personal life drastically declining, ..I was surely losing hope, I mean- this was my life we're talking about here! Finally, after having a visit with Dr. O'Sullivan, I was lucky enough to finally find a doctor that is a t r u l y talented, exceptionally qualified, kind and amazing man all around, who makes you feel beyond comfortable, no judgements, though truly gets down to the problem as well as the root, has an overall care and sympathetic understanding for me as a patient! I really would be lost without him, I cannot express to you, how thankful I am to be a patient of his, he's done so many wonderful things, and I highly HIGHLY recommend him for anybody else out there, especially with bone issues/brakes, metal replacement/removal, etc. He's not only fixing my collarbone issues /removed the painful metal from a previous car accident, and overseeing my physical therapy regime i'm beginning, also my arthritis and post- hospital stay treatment and supervision through frequent labs, my spine and back issues stemming from it and my scoliosis, as well as many other orthopedic related health problems, (so yes, I am a handful for him, I am aware lol, yet still his kindness/top quality care never wavers, not once! Not to metion he miraculously pulled me out of my depression and hopelessness, giving me my life back, not only in the social/personal sense but also from "endocarditis" that coursed through my body that HE discovered by going the extra mile as he always does! (: Lets just say, without him.. I wouldn't be here today! I cannot thank you enough Dr. O'Sullivan, I, (allong w/my family- mostly my mother loyal enough to come w/me to every apt. Lol), just LOVE you and your staff so much, and greatly appreciate your kind, professional, determined, talented beyond a shadow of a doubt, calming yet informative way of treatment you provide to your patients, I'm so very lucky to be one of them! Again, I highly recommend him, AND his staff.. if you hadn't already picked that up by now! (: God bless! ~ Sincerely, A girl lucky enough to have met Dr. O'Sullivan, (& Staff) at "Ashland Orthopedics™" in Ashland, Oregon. [Brittany S.& Family]